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Dryer motor

Dryer motor with centrifugal switch

Nanyang Motor has been committed to R&D superior motors with high efficiency, low-noise, low-loss, energy-saving and stable performance.

Nanyang motor - Heart of the world washing machine

This series of motor apply foreign advanced technology, which can meet the replacement of domestic and foreign parts and the use needs of different customers under different working conditions.

Parameter information

It is widely used in various transmission machinery industries of washing machines.

Model  Application Power Current Voltage Frequency Efficiency Torque Speed Poles Slots Number
NY-DY/5 8~10KG 1/3HP 5.50 A 120V 60Hz ≥ 55% 1.45Nm 1650rpm 4 32

Application field

  • Solutions of Dryer Motor

    Nanyang Motor provides high efficiency, low-noise, low-vibration and systematic solutions.

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