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What are the differences between drum washing machine and automatic washing machine

Washing machines are used frequently at home, and there are many kinds of washing machines on the market, which leads to people's confusion when choosing washing machines. They don't know which one to choose. For example, what are the differences between a drum washing machine and a full-automatic washing machine? I believe you will know how to choose the one that suits you after reading it.

1、 Difference between drum washing machine and full-automatic washing machine

The drum washing machine is one of the full-automatic washing machines, and the full-automatic washing machine includes the wave wheel washing machine and the drum washing machine. Washing clothes by roller is clean, not easy to wear, and consumes less water. The washing procedure can be adjusted according to your own preferences, but clothes cannot be placed during the washing process. The full-automatic wave wheel washing machine can add clothes at any time; The drum washing machine has less wear on clothes. Even the more valuable materials such as silk and wool do not need to be too worried, and the damage to clothes is less; However, from the perspective of time consumption, the drum washing machine takes at least one hour, while the full-automatic washing machine only takes about 45 minutes.

2、 What are the tips for purchasing a drum washing machine

1. Capacity

When buying a washing machine, you should first consider its capacity. For small families, it is enough to buy a washing machine with a capacity of about 6KG. The larger the capacity of the washing machine, the higher the cost, and the larger the space. For large families, it is recommended to choose a large capacity washing machine for better cleaning effect.

2. Energy saving

When buying a washing machine, you should also consider whether the product saves electricity. The energy efficiency label of the washing machine is mainly to grade the cleaning ratio, power consumption, etc. Finally, you can determine the energy efficiency level of the product according to the level that the three indicators can reach at the same time.

3. Motor

As the heart part of the washing machine, the motor is closely related to the performance of the motor, which determines the performance, durability and quality of the washing machine. The common washing machine motors on the market are induction motors, three-phase variable frequency motors, etc. You can combine different product cost performance ratios, and the one that suits you is the best.

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